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Our Values

Our past 

It all started with a simple question: most of us love to see fresh floral arrangements or receive flower bouquets. However, freshly cut-flowers are neither long-lasting nor eco-friendly. How can we still provide people with the special experience of giving and receiving marvelous flower compositions, while avoiding unnecessarily damaging our planet?

What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers: they are natural flowers that are hand-selected at the peak of bloom and treated with a 100% eco-friendly process that allows them to keep their wonderful, soft, fresh and delicate appearance for many months, instead of mere days. This extends their life and reduces flower, water and energetic consumption, as they don't need any additional maintenance than a spot in your house.

Our Future

Mirai (未来 or 未來) is a Japanese noun, meaning "the future".  

We firmly believe that we found the answer to both helping saving our planet and spreading joy and happiness with our simple, unique, timeless floral arrangements. That's why we'll keep working hard for a sustainbale future of wonder, one flower at a time.