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MIRAI Flowers is the new Italian online brand of sustainable preserved flowers ideal for home decor. Founded by Olena Vlasenko, the brand was born from her passion for flowers and her desire to find an innovative solution to make them last. In the Japanese language, mirai means future. Giving flowers a future means capturing them at the moment of their maximum beauty and extending it over time, while maintaining their natural characteristics such as shape, color and softness.


All our flowers and greens are naturally preserved. The preservation takes place using living vegetals. This technique allows the plant to freeze in its state of freshness after harvest.

Preserved flowers are then treated with a plant-based, biodegradable and non-toxic preservation liquid. The process allows them to maintain their original shape and color, leaving them tactile, and able to maintain their authentic beauty for over a year. Thanks to this treatment, flower arrangements are also suitable for those people who suffer the allergies.


During the lockdown, images of unsold flowers in pulp go around the world, highlighting the violent reality of intensive horticulture. It upsets the stark contrast between the beauty of flowers and the positive feelings connected to them, such as love, solidarity and joy and words such as pollution, exploitation and destruction related to the flower industry.

MIRAI Flowers, has the mission to restore value to the beauty of flowers. A social beauty linked to the desire to share joy, but also to respect the conditions of those who work in the industry, as well as respect for nature and its cycles.

Finally, MIRAI wants to raise awareness on the possibility of creating a sustainable economic system. MIRAI flowers remind us that authentic beauty is possible, because to bring joy into our life, flowers must bring value.



Contribution to the creation of a culture of respect and sharing.

Attention to the working conditions of suppliers.


100% eco-friendly and biodegradable flowers, no use of chemicals and intoxicants.

The lifespan of the preserved flower is at least 50 times greater than that of a fresh flower that allows waste reduction.

80% of preserved flowers are imported by boats. The lifespan of the plant allows us to use a way of transport that reduces our impact on the environment.


Online distribution supports suppliers, halving intermediaries.

Create awareness of a sustainable alternative for horticulture.


Born in Ukraine, she has been a nature lover since childhood and has a genuine passion for flowers. In consideration of the economic situation of her country at that time, she decides to pursue a "safe" career in finance. Following a degree in Economics and a first Masters in Banking, she worked for a few years at Ernst & Young, and then did a second MBA at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan. She spends over 10 years in fashion, in strategic planning, working for the brands as YOOX, La Perla, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Valentino.

Becoming a mother, she moves from Milan to the suburbs of Bologna and leaves her career in fashion. The newfound relationship with nature and with children leads Olena to explore a new connection with the environment and new sustainable solutions to improve our daily life. The desire to create her own project is growing, more in line with the current evolution of her life.

During the pandemic she sees images of the destruction of unsold flowers around the world and looks for a sustainable solution to buy flowers. And this is how she discovers the beauty of naturally preserved flowers, falls in love with them and launches MIRAI in December 2020.